Daily Contact Lenses

  • Also known as “dailies”, daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be thrown away right after use. This avoids the cleaning routine usually associated with regular lenses, as you simply put in a fresh pair every morning.

    Why choose Daily lenses?

    Daily disposable lenses can offer you more freedom than the monthly alternatives. You can pick and choose which days you wear your lenses without worrying about wasting a lens by not using it. They’re also fantastic for those who wear their lenses for sports or other activities, in place of their regular glasses.

    Because you’re never wearing the same lenses twice, there’s very little time for unwanted deposits to build up on the surface of the lens. This makes Dailies great for those who often suffer with dry eyes or allergies, as it’s much less likely for your eyes to become irritated over time.

    What’s the difference between hard lenses and soft daily contact lenses?

    Hard contact lenses, also known as rigid gas

    permeable contact lenses, are made of a more durable plastic that allows oxygen to travel through it. While these do provide incredible sharp vision and are much less likely to break, they can be uncomfortable at first and are much harder to get used to wearing.

    Soft daily lenses are comfortable from the moment you put them on. The thin material used often means you’ll barely notice they are in, while the smooth surface of the lens allows your eyelids to glide easily over them. Some more advanced soft lenses are made out of silicone hydrogel, a material which transmits even more oxygen to your eyes, keeping them fresh and healthy for longer.

    Using daily disposable contact lenses

    We’ve put together a few simple guides for anyone who is trying out contact lenses for the first time. However, if you do need any help at all with your new lenses at all, just give us a call on 020 7768 5000.

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