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Me: Corrective eyewear dependent for the past 26 years and counting. High degree of nearsightedness, high degree of astigmatism, so have to wear toric lenses. Always liked wearing glasses, but in my youth, did theatre and sports, and glasses were an issue at times. History: First wore contact as a high schooler, and RGP was my only option, as torics were newly available and very costly at the time. Tried valiantly for a year to "break in"/"get used to" RGP lenses before throwing in the towel. During the college years, torics came down some in price, so I gave them a shot, with middling results. Much more comfortable initially, but because I have very dry eyes, could still only wear them for a few hours at a time with any real comfort. In my twenties, disposable torics came on the market, tried them again. Even when wearing the then-best available high-moisture lenses (Bausch and Lomb SofLens66), still couldn't wear them comfortably for a full day. Was a journalist at the time, and long days of staring at a computer screen made the contacts a no-go. Now: Flash forward to current time, now working as a special education teacher. Working with highly aggressive children with autism, and glasses can be a liability (and, at my prescription, are costly to replace). Also concerned about protecting my eyes and skin surrounding my eyes from the sun, so would like to be able to wear sunglasses again. I love my glasses, but there are many settings in my life right now where not having to wear them would be beneficial. It's been probably four or five years since I wore contacts even sporadically, and I'm told that some of the newer toric soft lenses are much improved for dry eyes. Have heard good things about Acuview Oasys in particular.

Am just wondering if anybody who has astigmatism and dry eyes has had good experience with any particular toric contact. I'm not interested in rigid gas permeable lenses...been there, done that, was a waste of money for me, because I couldn't tolerate them. Very dry, very sensitive eyes.

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I've been wearing gas perm lenses for 20 years without problems, even with dry eyes. I tried various forms of soft lenses several times, and they were literally a pain in the eye unless I rewetted them every 10 minutes.

Wish I could help. Hope you find a solution! (no pun intended ...)

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I wear hydrasoft toric lenses. I have dry eye. If you are going to wear lenses, you have got to put in Refresh Plus drops in your eyes as often as possible (I can manage every couple of hours or so). And I take my lenses out immediately when I get home. Lenses + dry eye aren't a great match. I don't usually have pain or discomfort with my lenses even if I don't put the drops in, but I will pay for it later.

What has helped has been getting the duct plugs. And using Muro ointment at night.

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I have the same problem! I have very sensitive and dry eyes (I use rewetting drops several times a day). I used to wear the original Acuvue weekly disposable lenses, but they were discontinued. I tried a bunch of others, including Acuvue Oasys, and they burned and were really uncomfortable. Finally settled on Purevision and wore them successfully for the past 4 years. Always had astigmatism in my left eye, but didn't have to use toric lenses. But with this last exam, my astigmatism is so bad, it really needed correction. I tried two brand of toric lenses (in the left eye) for a week each, but my eye was killing me, itching, oozing, etc. Yech. One of the brands was the Acuvue Oasys Toric. It caused me to wake up in the morning with my eye cemented shut (sorry to be so graphic).

The last one I tried was Biofinity-Toric by Coopervision. It's been about a month, and it's really comfortable, and I'm now realizing how much I had been relying on my right eye to compensate for the astigmatism in the left. I have the Biofinity "regular" in my right eye, so I can at least have the same brand. My dry-eye is no better but no worse than usual. I was at first surprised that they were more expensive than my Purevision weekly disposable lenses, but then I read the fine print and they are monthly disposable lenses! So I'm actually saving money, because they can be worn longer.

Good luck!

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I have tried many different hard, soft, and hybrid lenses but in the end I just cannot read unless I have glasses on. And I can't escape the dry eyes even though my tear production is tested to be completely normal (I actually get conjunctival hemorrhages and granulomas). Sorry can't be of help... but best of luck.

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I have astigmatism and super-high prescription strength, too. Every time I find a brand I like, within a year or two they stop making it. I always have to try a couple of different varieties before I find lenses that are comfortable. And I refuse to use drops. If my eyes are getting dry, then I need a different lens, IMO.
Currently I am using Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus. I've been using them since summer of last year and they are working really well. They are monthlies but I change them out more like every 8-12 weeks.

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There are several contact lens available for dry eyes and astigmatism. 1) Typical most often people use Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism with hyraclear. It is a moisture rich wetting agent that provides exceptional comfort. 2) Proclear Multifocal Toric lens are a 59% water, daily wear bifocal lens that also corrects astigmatism.

3) Vertex Toric for crisp and clear vision with the convenience of a disposable lens.

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I used to have dry eyes and astigmatism, and I believe I used Acuvue Oasys. Wore contacts from age 16-45. Hated using eye drops. Last year my eye dr said that my eyes were not getting enough oxygen, and it was from the thicker toric lenses. Always hated wearing glasses, but I was told I would be better off not wearing contacts anymore.. or maybe I should try getting Lasik. I am extremely squeamish when it comes to eyes (I have fainted in my drs office before), but I tried wearing glasses on the ice rink and it was a disaster. So I sucked it up and got lasik after I found a wonderful surgeon who dealt with difficult cases like mine. On the several visits I had with my regular eye dr following the surgery, he was noticing a great improvement in my eyes, the longer I have gone without wearing contacts. I still occasionally have to use drops 1-2 times a day - when I get up and go to sleep - but it's been amazing.

I know Lasik isn't the answer for everyone, but I would find out if those lenses are damaging your eyes more than helping them.

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I had an eye exam last week after going without contacts for quite awhile. I was not told I have either dry eye or astigmatism but I wear Biofinity lenses and I can sleep in these things so much easier. When I'd fall asleep in Acuvue's my eyes would be sticky and require lots of drops to make them comfortable. If I slept all night in them, I couldn't see the next day; it was that bad! With the Biofinity I have none of these problems at all. I occasionally use drops and find the left side hard to take out most of the time but its more from user error than anything else. I'm right handed so removing the left is difficult! With Acuvue I experienced a lot of glare from the headlights of cars at night, but no more with Biofinity!

Hint...go to Sams or Costco to get your lenses. Biofinity at Sam's are $40/box vs. $50 at Walmart! A box should last 6 months! If you order 4 boxes at Sam's your savings pays for your membership. Or better yet find a friend that is a member!

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I wear Hydrasoft Toric for the left eye. Sometime I have a hard time removing the toric lens. It just snaps back when I try to remove it. I think its because its more slippery and thicker ? The doc said my stigmatism is so low, that I can use regular spherical contacts. Tried it and vision is not as clear as with the torics, but I can mange it. If I can find a brand that is thinner than the Hydrasoft torics, that will be great.

Is the Biofinity torics thinner ?

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I just answered your PM. The toric lens is thicker than the "regular" contact lens, but comfortable, and easy to get in & out. Definitely not as flimsy as the one I wear in my right eye. I've torn my lenses for the right eye several times, but never tore the left one (the toric).

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05-19-2014, 11:40 AM

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