iLASIK: Laser Eye Surgery Costs

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At Eye Institute, you’ll only ever receive laser eye surgery that’s custom-fit for you. While iLASIK may seem expensive, we think you'll agree it's worth the investment to ensure you receive the most advanced laser eye surgery, with exceptional safety and proven results.

iLASIK laser eye surgery prices

When you consider how much you’re likely to spend on glasses or contacts over your lifetime, the cost of laser eye surgery could be less than you think. Rest assured - we would never compromise your safety, or the quality of our care.

Our simple, all-inclusive pricing structure makes it easy to work out the cost of your laser eye surgery:

Initial assessment FREE
One eye $2,850
Both eyes $5,700

And don't forget to check out our Easy Payment Plans

The cost for iLASIK laser eye surgery includes your surgery, as well as all pre-operative appointments and post-operative check-ups. The price is inclusive of GST. Quite simply, you won’t need to pay anything more than the price above to enjoy

the life-changing benefits of laser eye surgery.

Contact us to find out more about laser eye surgery costs, or book your free laser assessment now.

Eyewear Costs vs iLASIK Surgery Costs

Severe long or short sightedness and astigmatism

The cost for iLASIK is the same regardless of your prescription – you won’t need to pay more if you suffer from severe vision imperfections.

And there’s no need to worry if you suffer from astigmatism as well as long or short sightedness. You’ll still pay the same price, whether you have long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism, or a combination of any of these problems.

Spread the cost of laser eye surgery

If you’re interested in laser eye surgery, but are worried about the costs, Eye Institute can help. Find out more about spreading the cost of laser eye surgery with our interest-free and low-interest payment plans.

Live outside Auckland?

You don’t need to live in Auckland to enjoy the highest levels of care, technology and experience. Find out about our unique iLASIK Travel Packages for patients who live elsewhere in New Zealand.

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