Slight Astigmatism after lasik

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Slight Astigmatism after lasik

I've posted on here before, but not about my astigmatism. I had custom wavefront LASIK done in January of this year. I always knew that something wasn't quite right even though I was testing at 20/15. I always felt that my right eye was a tad stronger than my left, but had an ophthalmologist inform me that astigmatisms can affect focal distances far and near. Before surgery I was -5.75 myopic with no astigmatism. Come to find out I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye (-.50 axis 40). This was the culprit of my difficulty in reading/focusing up close in the right eye. I've gotten used to doing and can get by fairly well because I read with both eyes open, but it's annoying when I think about it. I recently got a pair of glasses with plano lenses with just an astigmatism correction in the right eye. It seemed to clear things up but now the problem is that with the astigmatism correction it is noticeably sharper at distance than my left eye to the point that it's better without the glasses. I went to an ophthalmologist last week to get tear duct plugs put in my eyes (right eye is drier than left) and one of his machines in his office measured my

left eye as -.25 myopic, which I'm assuming is the meaning of the left eye not as strong with glasses....however, I feel that it's more like -.50 or -.75 because it was a pretty drastic difference with the glasses on. I've been researching astigmatisms and from what I've read and been told by a couple doctors, it IS very minor, to the point of (in some instances) would not be recommendable for glasses. I have a very OCD personality to where this bugs the HELL out of me. The reason I think it bothers me so much is that I have never had an astigmatism before. If I came from a moderate to major astigmatism pre-surgery to my slight astigmatism after surgery I'm sure it wouldn't bother me. I'm looking into seeing if the optometrist will switch out the glasses for me with a proper prescription.

Would you get an enhancement done if you were me? I'm to the point where I want to wear glasses just so it doesn't bug me. I got surgery so that I wouldn't have to wear glasses. I figure I might as well go for it because if it turns out worse than what I am now, guess what, I'll still be wearing glasses......1 optometrist, 2 ophthalmologists, and my surgeon advised against surgery because of the risk to reward factor...too much risk for such a little reward (easy for them to say).

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